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Tools to Release Resentment & Find Inner Freedom

I recently heard a version of this quote and it was a real aha moment as a previous long time sufferer of resentment, jealousy and envy. Don’t get me wrong, I think I’m a nice person I’ve just been prone to comparison and perfectionism, all of which stem from my own low self value and esteem (not recognising my own fab-ness)
Hearing Rick Hanson quote this on Marie TV was a revelation for my soul, I’ve felt intuitively for some time that my resentment was hurting me inside, I could feel it. When the thoughts hit that triggered these feelings, my energy dropped, my jaw tightened, my heart closed.  If I wanted to have peace of mind, I had to find ways of living calmly and without this toxic inner torment (that also created toxic interactions too). 
So I set to work looking for ways to free my mind from the thoughts that were creating this inner suffocation. 
The first place I turned was REIKI after an incident that left me internally collapsing and feeling my trust would forever be impacted…

Self Love: We Can't Love Others Until We Love Ourselves

I am just having this revelation. I have always known this on a conceptual level but at this moment I am experiencing the great relief, knowing and freedom that comes from accepting this and embracing this through experiential reflectiveness.

We can't love others until we love ourselves is a common phrase we often hear but what is self love?

I started the post with the above lines in 2016 and I’m continuing this in 2019, having deepened my journey into self-love and understanding how it has changed my life.
Self-love is about deeply accepting, appreciating and valuing yourself; what’s important to you, what fire do you need to fuel for yourself & how do you treat yourself in the world.
When I started this journey 3 years ago it was a concept and I’ve lived & breathed it into cells over the last 3 years. It’s been a journey of great discomfort and pain at times, the unravelling and having to face myself had been challenging and many tears have been shed but it’s been worth…

Autism & Mothering - What I've Learnt & What the Journey has Given Me

On 4th April it was Autism Awareness Day.  Years ago these days would have passed me by with little concern but over the last 8 years I have become more and more aware of the importance as my child has been diagnosed as being on the Autistic Spectrum.

It's the journey of being his mother that inspired this blog so I wanted to share a piece I wrote a while back about what I've gained from my amazing son.

Emotional and physical demandsBeing a mother is emotionally and physically demanding. Being a mother when there are additional needs can be additionally challenging as you try to hold together someone else’s world, so they can feel safe in the ordinary day to day.  Often those with asd require additional support with their emotions, which feel overwhelming and challenging to understand.  My own experience was physical too,  particularly when my son was a toddler and physical expression was more available to him than verbal.  The toughest days felt mentally and physically exhaustin…