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A Solo Holiday to Ibiza - Mum Escape

A holiday on my own and my first trip to Ibiza, some mental space away in the sunshine age 37 married and with 2 children. 

After years of not travelling very far as my husband is scared to fly, I felt the itch to see the world and be warmed by the sun. 
When a friend invited me to his 50th birthday at the amazing Atzaro in Ibiza I knew I had to go and would figure out the how. 

I procrastinated and 3 months before the party it was time to commit and look at flights and hotels. On a part time salary I needed to be creative to give myself a relaxing break that was within my budget as a solo traveller. 

I stayed in Santa Eulalia which was recommended at a Grupotel Spa Hotel for 3 nights, it was affordable for and comfortable. For my next trip I would definitely look to stay at the Atzaro for a total wind-down break. 
Flights I booked via British Airways and got a great deal using my Avios and in school summer holidays too. 

The Highs of Solo Travelling as a Mother

I got to this just about me; packing clothes that were pretty and didn’t have to be mum practical, taking books and magazines and having time to read them. 

Enjoying solo shopping and a coffee at the airport without having to navigate putting the children’s needs first and feeling frazzled. 

It felt like holidays used to in my 20s before having children: relaxing and freeing and even more special for this in the context of my life as a mother. 

Indulging in some self-love and making something important to me possible for myself. Being able to take a treatment or a swim when I felt like it. 

Enjoying being my own boss and actually asking myself what I’d like to do. Having always travelled with others I’ve never had to consider just what I want in my own terms. As well as being a wonderful part of the experience this was also a challenge, it was uncomfortable and hard to tune into that place in myself as I had never really done it. 

The Challenges
As I mentioned above tuning into my own voice was at tricky at the start but something I’ve not really e er experienced. Having had boyfriends in my 20s & kids in my 30s, I’ve been used to considering what works for others. The first couple of days of thinking for & about myself without any stimulus was weird. 

Meal times where also odd, I had breakfast & dinner at the hotel & the amount of couples became really apparent in a way I’d not noticed before and the practical parts of that; leaving your table to get something or go to the loo and finding everything cleared. 

No one to share the highs and lows with. When I slipped and fell into the sea, there was no one to hide behind as I walked back into the hotel dripping wet & fully clothed!

I’ll definitely be doing this again & regularly. The fact it was uncomfortable told me so much about the fact I’m not used to making myself a priority or tuning into my own desires & needs without external distractions. 

If you’ve got recommendations of where is good to go then please get in touch. Do you do anything like this, want to or know it’s just not for you, I’d love to hear...

Sakina Ballard is a London mum of 2 & founder of Tranquil Birth.
Acacia Woman Blog is about growth, womanhood & motherhood, a journey of healing & discovery


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