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Getting Married After Children

After 9 years together, 2 children, a house purchase and watching all our friends get married, Scott & I got engaged in 2015 and married in 2016. We had a lovely year from Proposal to Honeymoon.

Having watched and spoken to many friends who had got married before having children, I could see that whilst some aspects to planning a wedding day where the same, getting married with children does have some particular aspects to consider. These are the main points I discovered:
Everyone Loves a Wedding
This didn't change when we got MAC (Married After Children), actually the support and enthusiasm from those around us carried us through that period and supported us in having a magical time throughout the whole period.
Whilst I had comments from others about when we would get married or why we weren't (and my own inner-critic at times) before we were married, no one mentioned the fact that we were having a wedding after having clearly been living together and created a family after o…

Do Something That Scares You

This week I had an audition. As a trained actress that in itself  doesn't sound like something too radical or scary but the context is that I have been out of the 'loop' for about 4 years and added to that this audition required me to Rap. Yes you heard it - RAP! 
Anyone that has met me would say I am about as far from being 'Street' (if that is still even the cool term) as a Country Lane! Needless to say the thought of walking into a room of people watching me and having to have 'Swagger' (had to Youtube that to know what it was) whilst speaking very fast, musically to a backing tune was enough to turn me into a Tena user. 
Interestingly though, I didn't respond to the email with a 'No' rather a funny thought entered my mind, it was the image of me dancing and singing in my living room to Rhianna and various other very cool artists. This idea that I could, maybe for that moment be something that I would not normally allow myself to be in public e…