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Learning to love what is...

Many years ago, I met special friend who I had known for many years, we were both actresses at similar stages in our careers and I was her agent for a while.
Although her life had also changed, I notice in me how something from the past, a longing, was triggered when I met her, an idea that I hadn't achieved something, my dreams had been unfulfilled and I had somehow failed.

When I stopped to check myself I realised my life was full and abundant and included all the things I had dreamed about. A loving partner, 2 beautiful children, a comfortable home and a work/life balance. My life offered me the opportunity to be fulfilled and peaceful but something in me challenged me from embracing that and experiencing its beauty to the full. 
What was missing was self love and a complete attention and love for what is in my life RIGHT NOW.
My life had been one in which I had never fully appreciated or enjoyed the present moment.  There was always a sense that the grass was greener on the other …