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Werewolves on the Full Moon

Tonight is the full moon and it amazes me how much I am affected by the cycles of the moon.
Not only in my womanly cycles that seem to collide with this Lunar event but in my moods. After a wonderful day yesterday, where I felt invincible, I woke this morning lathargic and moody.

I am a Pisces and my son, who is the same also woke with his emotions on show. It made me think about the concept and purpose of this illumination in the dark, the full reflection of the sun in the night. Perhaps this cyclical event, like all cyclical events is the opportunity to heal some inner darkness, to light it up.

Maybe in order to do this we've got to see and experience them, the full moonlight shows them to us, usually hidden deep in the unseen parts of our minds. It also highlights our choices, our consciousness so that we can in this cycle bring more light to these aspects of ourselves that we suppress, that are uncomfortable for us to look at and hold as part of ourselves.
Today I can feel my…